Alimentaria 2016

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We return to Alimentaria this year to celebrate its 40th anniversary with important new jars and accessories. The show is from April 25th-28th at the Fira de Barcelona in Gran Via Exhibition Centre. We will be in Pabellon 2, Stand G51. Hope to see you there!

Weck Canning Jars Review

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In this video, a WECK Jar customer explains her many reasons for using WECK Jars: ease, beauty, security, etc.

I do a lot of canning every year. I found a better, BPA-free, alternative with Weck Jars. These jars are just about the loveliest things in my kitchen, especially all filled with food! I highly recommend them.

Pull tab visual help

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In properly canned WECK jars, the pull tab of the rubber ring on the sealed jars faces downwards. If you arrange the jars correctly on your shelves, you can simply check them by visual inspection to ensure that they still face down.

How to Open Weck Jars

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WECK Jars are very easy to open, just pull the tab on the rubber ring outward and....psssst, indicating that air has been sucked into the jar. The vacuum in the jar has thus been equalized, and the lid and rubber ring can now be easily taken off. Never use sharp objects, such as knives, scissors, or screwdrivers, since they will damage the jar rim or lid. If the rubber rings sticks to the jar or the tab is torn off, the jar can be opened easily by attaching three canning clamps and placing the jar upside down in hot water for several minutes.

Good Morning America

Good Morning America ABC News Euroweck

WECK Jars flashed across the ABC Studios’ screens at Times Square in New York City last week as the Soup Club Cookbook writers were featured on Good Morning America.
The Soup Club team up using WECK Jars to share a different recipe every week, ensuring great food gets to their family’s tables.

Deli: New WECK Collection

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WECK presents the new Deli collection with a beautiful hour-glass shape which is perfect for quality gourmet goods. Unlike standard canning jars, its ergonomical shape fits easily in your hand. Thanks to WECK's know-how & continued efforts to create new canning jar designs, the Deli Series offers quality producers a new style to present their products and home canners an elegant option from their classic jars. 

WECK Keep Fresh Covers

weck jars tarros euroweck tapas plastico keep fresh covers

WECK offers for all its jars a range of Keep Fresh Covers which can be a convenient substitute for the glass lids. The Keep Fesh Covers have a wide range of functions. They can be used as an alternative for storage in the refrigerator once the jars have been unsealed. They can also be used for freezing. Many WECK fans use them for storing less perishable products such as rice, sugar, spices, herbs, teas, pasta, flour, etc.

WECK Jars since 1900

tarros weck jars 120 years

In 1900, the J. WECK Company was founded in Oflingen Germany initially dedictaed to the WECK home-canning method for glass jars. WECK has since made this method popular not only in Germany and Europe, but worldwide.

WECK is continually working in the field of home canning research. Specializing in problems and questions concerning home canning, WECK has continuously developed and improved home-canning methods with the aid of its long experience as well as the constant ideas and innovations.